Briggs Toilet Part Guide

Briggs Toilet Parts
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About Briggs

A word from Briggs:

Many people with a Briggs toilet think that it is some off brand they have never heard of. Also Briggs is an American company based out of South Carolina. They have been making faucets and fixtures for many years. Briggs purchased the 1950s toilet maker Case. Therefore Below is information directly from the Briggs Plumbing Website: Briggs Toilet Part Guide

“In 1908, Walter Owen Briggs of Detroit, Michigan. Therefore he Laid the groundwork for the Briggs® brand. With his company that quickly became the world’s largest independent car body producer. A few decades later, when car companies began producing their own car bodies, W.O. Briggs began pressing enameled steel bathtubs, introducing the Briggs name into the plumbing industry.

After experiencing success with bathtubs, the product portfolio expanded into vitreous china with the purchase of several manufacturing plants. Also These purchases included the first company to develop a one-piece toilet and the first to manufacture in a variety of colors – new ideas which placed the Briggs® brand at the cutting edge of style and innovation in the plumbing industry. While the corporate structure has gone through multiple legal iterations, Briggs® remains a well-recognized and respected brand.

In 2011, the current Briggs® Plumbing Products, LLC,  was formed as an American-owned company with focus on business expansion, new products and supply chain enhancements with manufacturing operations on three continents. Briggs Toilet Part Guide

Today, Briggs® is a supplier and marketer of faucets and vitreous china products for residential, commercial, and hospitality applications in North American and Caribbean. Also Products include lavatories, high efficiency toilets, bidets and urinals, luxury bathroom suites and the Briggs Faucets that include new designs.