About Briggs Toilets

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Many people with a Briggs toilet think that it is some off brand they have never heard of. Briggs is an American company based out of South Carolina. They have been making faucets and fixtures for many years. Briggs purchased the 1950s toilet maker Case. Below is information directly from the Briggs Plumbing Website:

“In 1908, Walter Owen Briggs of Detroit, Michigan, laid the groundwork for the Briggs® brand with his company that quickly became the world’s largest independent car body producer. A few decades later, when car companies began producing their own car bodies, W.O. Briggs began pressing enameled steel bathtubs, introducing the Briggs name into the plumbing industry.

After experiencing success with bathtubs, the product portfolio expanded into vitreous china with the purchase of several manufacturing plants. These purchases included the first company to develop a one-piece toilet and the first to manufacture in a variety of colors – new ideas which placed the Briggs® brand at the cutting edge of style and innovation in the plumbing industry. While the corporate structure has gone through multiple legal iterations, Briggs® remains a well-recognized and respected brand.

In 2011, the current Briggs® Plumbing Products, LLC,  was formed as an American-owned company with focus on business expansion, new products and supply chain enhancements with manufacturing operations on three continents.

Today, Briggs® is a major supplier and marketer of faucets and vitreous china products for residential, commercial and hospitality applications in the North American and Caribbean markets. Product lines include lavatories, high efficiency toilets, bidets and urinals, luxury bathroom suites and the Briggs Faucets that include totally new designs available in multiple finishes.”

Q: Briggs opened a new West Coast Distribution Center In Southern California this past year. How have customers responded?

A: Our west coast customers are responding positively to our new distribution center, ideally located in Anaheim, CA. We provide our customers with a range of fulfillment options including a same-day will call program. Smaller quantities., faster turnaround times equal more

inventory turns. Beyond the obvious fundamentals we are focused on delivering, Briggs is successful because our customers and their customers prefer a quality, name brand product that performs as advertised.

Q: Does Briggs hove plans to open additional distribution centers?

A: Briggs currently operates three distribution centers: Anaheim; Knoxville, Tenn., and Charleston, S.C. As a growth and value driven company, Briggs always is exploring new opportunities to increase its market share. More distribution centers certainly are one way to help fud growth but, in our category, efficiencies gained due to improved logistics and analytics can be as meaningful. Associating with stocking independent sales representatives is another option. Since value is important to our customers, sometimes less, as in less overhead, is more.

Q: In addition to the West Coast. what o1t1er markets is Briggs focusing on at this point?

A; Briggs is focused on fast growing population centers that create demand for new housing. Certainty one of the most dynamic markets today and for the foreseeable future, is Texas.  Another is Colorado, specifically Denver. To help us capture greater share, Briggs has partnered

with independent , professional sales organizations similarly committed to service and adding value. In Texas, that organization is PEPCO Sales. Ln Denver, Briggs is aligned with Dalcart & Associates.

Q: What new products is Briggs introducing?

 A: As a category leader, Briggs brand has been responsible for introducing many new and innovative products. Today, one such product is our new, universal Altima bowl, that accommodates either a 1.6 gpf or 1.28 gpf tank. Super-efficient for our stocking customers and the trade alike, the most impressive feature of this new design is its performance. In either

configuration, the Altima achieves 1,000 grams flushing performance. According to current industry guidelines, this performance elevates the Altima toilet to a plateau reserved for the best performing toilets, regardless of price.”

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