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Above are all of the valves, ballcocks, and faucets. We have many parts available to fit your faucets. We also have Prier Faucet Parts. Therefore they are meant to work on the faucets or valve you have. All of the parts are genuine Prier repair parts. However, Many of the valves and faucets have kits with many different parts in them. However some of the valves do not have many parts available. Also, Prier bought out Mansfield's brass division years ago. Therefore some of the parts shown will say Mansfield. 

Mansfield did make the parts until Prier bought them out. Therefore, Now Prier supplies the parts to fit these faucets. 

From Prier:
PRIER builds plumbing products with purpose. Because of 140 years of experience in listening to the customer and identifying needs. Also, we design and build products that are easier to install and operate and stand the test of time.

PRIER’s mission and core values are vital to how we live every day. In order to make an impact for your business and throughout the world. Prier Faucet parts

 Honor God in all we do

 Help others be all they can be

 Respect each other

 Strive for excellence

 Make the most of every day

Our vision is to be an essential partner to the plumbing industry. However, building a legacy goes beyond our great products. That’s why we give at least 10 percent of profits from every hydrant sold to worthy causes around the world. It’s why our associates are provided with unique benefits like no other company provides. Therefore, It’s why we are stewards of our environment and how we’re making a difference. Prier Faucet parts

 Our goal is to ship your order within 8 working hours

 We won’t bog you down with minimum orders, return fees or excessive inventory

 All products are engineered to be versatile to maximize space in your warehouse and shelves
 A portion of profits from every product sold goes toward worthy causes

 You get live, customer support whenever you need it

We invite you to get to know PRIER a little more and uncover the true difference you’ll experience, and why that purpose matters.