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Simmons 1161 Complete Plunger Assembly With Leather

Simmons 1161 Complete Plunger Assembly With Leather

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Simmons 1161 complete plunger assembly with the leather. This kit is for the Simmons pitcher pump.

The Simmons 1161 Complete Plunger Assembly with Leather is a vital component used in plumbing systems, specifically designed for Simmons pitcher pumps. Here are the details:

  1. Product Information:

    • Components Included:
      • Plunger Rod
      • Yoke
      • Cup Leather
      • Poppet Valve
      • Follower
  2. Purpose:

    • The 1161 plunger assembly ensures smooth operation and prevents leaks in your Simmons pitcher pump.
    • It includes essential parts like the cup leather, which maintains a proper seal.
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