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Prier Urinal Timer Cartridge 630-0040

Prier Urinal Timer Cartridge 630-0040

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The Prier Urinal Timer Cartridge 630-0040 comes complete. The cartridge, o-rings and screws are in this kit. This cartridge goes on the Mansfield 1075 urinal. Also, this cartridge has a timed .75 gallon flush. The way that works is once the urinal is flush the cartridge closes when it lets a certain amount of water through. Which in this case it .75 gallons. 

The cartridge is plastic. One end of the stem is brass. However the boot that holds the brass piece is rubber. The cap for this cartridge is also plastic. However both of the p-rings are rubber. Therefore they act as a seal. The control pin also comes with this cartridge. The replacement parts for this urinal are discontinued. 

  • Mansfield by Prier
  • Control Pin
  • Stem
  • Screw
  • O-rings

The Prier Urinal Timer Cartridge 630-0040 fits the Mansfield 1075 urinal. Prier bought Mansfield's brass division years ago. Therefore now all of the repair parts for the Mansfield urinals are by Prier. In conclusion, this cartridge comes complete to replace the cartridge in your Mansfield 1075 urinal.

The 630-0040 is plastic. However the stem on the cartridge is brass. That is so the stem is strong. The screw is made of steel. Because it is stronger and will not snap. The o-rings are rubber. Due to the fact rubber is easily made into a seal. Because it is flexible and easy to use.

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