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Prier C-144 Overhaul Kit

Prier C-144 Overhaul Kit

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The Prier Prier C-144 Overhaul Kit comes complete with all parts pictured. The vacuum breaker, cap, and pop are in this kit. Also, the handle and handle screw. The washers and screw to replace the stem are also in this kit. This kits sku is PRI-C-144KT-807. It replaces the stem, vacuum breaker, and stem packing.

On the back of the box this Prier kit comes in, it has instructions. The instructions show how to replace many different parts of the faucet. The first is the stem repair. This kit has the screw, washer, and o-ring. The screw goes into the end of the stem. The o-ring goes in between the screw and stem. 

To replace the vacuum breaker on the PRI-C-144KT-807. You unscrew the old one. Therefore the top of the faucet should be open. To assemble the vacuum breaker you put the cap onto the top of the breaker itself. The pop it is already installed into the breaker. All you would need to do is put the cap on. 

  • Vacuum Breaker
  • Handle and Screw
  • O-ring
  • Washer
  • Packing

In conclusion, The Prier C-144 Overhaul Kit comes complete. It comes with all the parts needed. You can repair the stem, vacuum breaker, and stem packing. It shows you all of the instructions on the back. The kit comes complete with the genuine Prier parts. The vacuum breaker cap is chrome.

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