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Prier C-134KT-803 Stem Packing Kit

Prier C-134KT-803 Stem Packing Kit

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The Prier C-134KT-803 Stem Packing Kit. This kit comes with a graphite packing, and a support washer. the graphite packing acts as a seal for the stem. Also the support washer is metal. Therefore it is stronger and meant to hold more pressure. All of the tools needed are listed as well. The kit comes complete. All of the parts are genuine Prier. 

The graphite packing acts as a seal. Graphite is a soft material that will give easily. Therefore graphite makes a good seal. For example, If you were to push a graphite packing into a faucet. Then tighten down a washer and screw. Then it would take the shape of the stem on one end and the wall on the other. 

In conclusion this kit has the packing and the support washer. Therefore it will replace the old packing and washer. Any items needed to replace the parts are listed. This kit works on some Prier faucets. The Prier C-134KT-803 Stem Packing Kit will fit wall hydrants, and the hot and cold Prier model C108. 

  • Prier Genuine Parts
  • Graphite Packing
  • Steel support washer
  • A list of needed tools

In conclusion this kit is complete. Prier makes these parts genuine. It fit many different faucets. This it can also be use on some Mansfield faucets. Prier bought Mansfields brass division years ago. Therefore some of the Mansfield faucets use Prier parts. 

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