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Mansfield Service Kit For 07 Ballcock 630-5702

Mansfield Service Kit For 07 Ballcock 630-5702

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Mansfield By Prier Service Kit For 07 Ballcock 630-5702, And this kit comes complete to service your 07 ballcock. Also the kit has 1 brass thumb screw, and four body screws. Also the upper and lower diaphragm. The nylon plunger is also in this service kit. The upper and lower diaphragm are rubber. The four screws are brass. Therefore the screws are strong and reliable. 

The Mansfield service kit is meant to stop any leaks or issues with the ballcock. The upper and lower diaphragm will stop any leaks out of the top of the ballcock. Also any noise your ballcock makes should quit after replacing the diaphragms. The cap on top of the fill valve is where the diaphragms go. Mansfield genuine parts to replace and fix your fill valve. 

The Mansfield Service Kit For 07 Ballcock 630-5702 comes with 5 brass screws in total. However the four body screws hold the valve together. They are simple and only need a flat screw driver to tighten. Also the screws are normal thread. Therefore it is left to loosen and right to tighten. The thumb screw is very simple. And all you have to do to tighten it is twist it. 

  • Mansfield Genuine Parts
  • 4 body screws
  • 1 thumb screw
  • upper diaphragm
  • lower diaphragm
  • nylon plunger
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