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Mansfield Self Closing Valve 630-7966 Repair Kit

Mansfield Self Closing Valve 630-7966 Repair Kit

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Mansfield Self Closing Valve 630-7966 repair kit. This kit comes with a stem, o-ring, washer, and graphite packing. In addition to those it also includes the spring and male threaded end which screws into the top of the stem. The spring allows the valve to close itself after use. Which hints the name of the product, Self closing valve. 

An example of where you would find the self closing valve is at the beach. For example the stations set up to wash the sand off of your feet. You turn the knob on top to turn it on. However when you release the knob the valve closes itself. The spring in the valve pushes back into the valve to make it close. 

The graphite packing in the Mansfield Self Closing Valve Repair Kit acts as a seal. Graphite is a very soft material. Therefore when the graphite is put under pressure it acts as a seal. There is also a rubber seal in this repair kit. The small rubber seal also prevents leaks out of the top of the self closing valve. The O-ring also work together with this to prevent leaks. 

  • Graphite packing
  • valve stem
  • spring 
  • O-ring
  • rubber washer
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