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Mansfield By Prier 1/2 inch X 3/8 inch Urinal Flush Valve

Mansfield By Prier 1/2 inch X 3/8 inch Urinal Flush Valve

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Mansfield By Prier 1/2" X 3/8" Urinal Flush Valve. This Urinal valve is considered a 3/8 valve. However, if you measure where the valve connects you get just over a half inch. This Mansfield urinal valve comes with many things. Including, a white escutcheon, and 1/2 inch inlet for the water. In addition to that, the nut, washer, and support washer. 

The flush button on the Mansfield urinal flush valve is a push button. The flush valve has a timed flush. Therefore, The water pressure and the cartridge slowly push the button back to flush. We also offer the cartridge inside the flush valve. The part number for the cartridge is 630-5043.

This Flush valve does come with the nut and washers. Therefore, once the flush valve arrives it is ready to install. The purpose of the support washer is so the nut does not tear the seal apart. The escutcheon is white to match the urinal. To flush you push the button in. Then, the urinal cartridge will slowly push the button back out to complete the flush. 

  • Chrome finish
  • Escutcheon 
  • Nut
  • Support washer
  • Rubber washer
  • 1/2 inch inlet for the water

In conclusion, The Mansfield urinal valve is complete and ready to install. It comes with all parts needed to work in your Mansfield 190 Urinal. This flush valve is easy to use and flushes on the push of a button. In addition we also offer the cartridge. However all of the parts we carry are genuine Mansfield products. 

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