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Mansfield 57 Chrome Right Hand Lever

Mansfield 57 Chrome Right Hand Lever

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The Mansfield 57 Chrome Right Hand Lever comes complete with the nut which is reverse thread. The lever itself is metal. The nut that comes with this Mansfield lever is plastic. this lever has the holes in the arm for the flapper to connect to the lever. 

Right hand levers like the 57 chrome right hand are handicap toilets. The reason they are handicap, is because lever has to be on the same side as the door. Therefore the right hand lever is the handicap lever. 

Like it is stated in the first paragraph, The nut is reverse thread. Instead of turning to the right to tighten, you turn the nut to the left. The base of the lever which goes through the tank is also plastic. However, the lever itself, and the arm of the lever are metal. 

  • Genuine Mansfield Lever
  • Plastic nut
  • Reverse thread
  • Metal arm
  • Chrome finish

In conclusion, the Mansfield 57 Chrome Right Hand Lever fits a few Mansfield tanks. Including the 387, 1386, and the 386. If you are standing in front of your Mansfield toilet and the lever is on the right it is a right hand. However if the lever is on the left it is a left hand.

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