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Mansfield 123-4096 400 Series Faucet Stem

Mansfield 123-4096 400 Series Faucet Stem

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Mansfield 123-4096 400 Series Faucet Stem. This stem will measure about 18" from end to end. Stem comes with the packing washer, and packing. This stem does not come with the packing nut. The washers and o-rings also come with the stem. All washers and o-rings come installed for when you order.

The Mansfield 123-4096 stem comes with one end being spring loaded, and the spring loaded end goes inside the body of the faucet. The stem itself is copper. However the spring loaded end is brass. Mansfield 123-4096 400 Series Faucet Stem was made mid 2006 to present. For example, if your faucet was made in 2010 it is a 400 Series faucet. 

 The handle on this stem turns 180 degrees on, Therefore to turn on the faucet the handle will turn half of a full rotation. The handle threads into the opposite end of the stem which threads into the body. The end that the handle screws into is a square shape, Therefore the handle screws directly into it. 

  • 18 inch stem for the 400 Series Mansfield Wall Faucet
  • Packing
  • Washer
  • O-rings
  • Made of Copper and Brass
  • Contains all parts needed to work properly

 The spring loaded end is male thread, and is for a 4 inch wall, but measures 18 inches overall. To turn on the faucet you turn the handle to the left, and the right to turn it off. In conclusion The Mansfield 123-4096 400 series stem comes complete and ready to install. 

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