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Gerber 98-052 Loop Handle

Gerber 98-052 Loop Handle

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Gerber 98-052 Loop Handle For Maxwell Tub And Shower.

The Gerber 98-052 loop handle is a component designed for use in plumbing fixtures, specifically for tub and shower controls. Let’s delve into its details:

  • Handle Material: The Gerber 98-052 loop handle is made of chrome-plated acrylic, which ensures both durability and a sleek appearance.

  • Components Included:

    • Index Button: This handle comes with an index button, which serves as a cap or cover for the set screw. The index button provides a finished look and prevents debris from entering the handle assembly.
    • Screw: The set screw secures the handle to the valve stem, ensuring that the handle remains firmly in place during use.
    • Allen Wrench: An Allen wrench is included for installation and adjustments.

The Gerber 98-052 Maxwell Loop Handle is specifically designed for tub and shower control applications. Whether you’re replacing an existing handle or installing a new one, make sure it matches your specific Gerber faucet model. Happy plumbing! 

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