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Briggs / Case 5184 Flapper

Briggs / Case 5184 Flapper

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This Genuine Briggs And Case Flapper 5184 comes complete. It comes with the chain and hook to connect to the lever. Also, this flapper is rubber. Therefore it creates a seal, Because it is flexible. The hook connects to the lever. Whenever you push the lever down it lifts the flapper causing the flush. This flapper also comes with the red baffle.

The baffle on the flapper is to control the flush. It lets water through at a certain rate. Therefore it gives a better flush. the flapper fills up a certain amount due to the baffle, Once it fills with water it closes completing the flush. The baffle is what makes the toilet complete a flush. 

The Genuine Briggs And Case Flapper 5184 fits many different tanks. It fits the Briggs 4440, 4441, 4442, 4443, and 4965. This flapper is meant to work with those toilets. Therefore if your tank model number is one of those, It is the replacement flapper for them. Also this flapper should have a sort of loose fit on the flush valve. It will work with the original valve. 

  • Fits many Briggs toilets
  • Rubber
  • Comes with chain
  • Comes with hook
  • Baffle is on flapper


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