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Briggs B500059 Fill Valve

Briggs B500059 Fill Valve

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Briggs B500059 Fill Valve comes complete. Also the blue insert comes with this valve. Which is also known as a flow restrictor. Also the float and height of the fill valve can be adjusted. This valve is plastic. Therefore it will not rust and will last longer. The replenish tube and clamp also come with this valve. Therefore it can refill the tank with water after a flush. 

The gasket and the nut also come with this valve. Therefore it can be secured to the tank. Also the gasket for this valve is rubber. Therefore it can stop valve from leaking. The nut to secure this valve to the tank is plastic. Therefore it will not rust. The fill valve puts water back into the tank after a flush. Therefore the supply line connects the valve. 

In conclusion, The Briggs B500059 Fill Valve comes complete. The nut and gasket to secure it to the tank, along with the replenish tube to refill the tank. Therefore the valve is complete. It fits many different Briggs tanks. Therefore it is the genuine replacement for them. Also the valve is plastic. Therefore it will not rust. 

  • Genuine Briggs replacement part
  • Valve is plastic
  • Complete with the nut and gasket
  • Replenish tube
  • Clamp for the replenish tube
  • Fits many different Briggs tanks
  • Adjustable
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