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Briggs 5173 Flapper

Briggs 5173 Flapper

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The Genuine Briggs 5173 Flapper comes complete. Therefore it is ready to install when received. It comes complete with the chain and hook. Therefore you can connect the flapper to the lever. The way that works is if you push down the lever, It raises the flapper. Therefore the water can go through the valve and into the bowl. Which completes the flush. 

The flapper is rubber. Therefore it will seal to the flush valve better. The way a flapper works is when the lever is pushed the flapper lifts. Therefore the hole in the flapper fills with water. The flapper fills at a certain rate. Therefore making it close when the flush is complete. This Flapper is a genuine Briggs part. 

The Genuine Briggs 5173 Flapper fits many Briggs toilet tanks. For example, It fits the 4430 and 4431. However it fits more than just those. To install a flapper all you do is take the two ears on the flapper and put them around the plastic arms on the side of the flush valve. This flapper is genuine so it fits the model numbers it is shown in. 

  • Genuine Briggs Flapper
  • Metal Chain
  • Metal Hook
  • Easy to Install
  • Rubber flapper
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