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Arrowhead Brass 59ABP Vacuum Breaker

Arrowhead Brass 59ABP Vacuum Breaker

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Arrowhead Brass 59ABP Vacuum Breaker. This has 3/4" female hose thread to 3/4" male hose thread. This is for faucets that have standard hose thread. Other part number is PK1400. The larger opening at the top goes onto the faucet. It has female threads to connect. Therefore it will screw onto Arrowhead breaker faucet. Also there is a washer on the inside of both ends of this breaker. 

The end of this breaker that connects to the faucet is female thread. Therefore the other end is male thread. This is because, it has to connect to the hose. Also there are holes on the end of this breaker. Water will come out of them. However it is so the faucet can prevent backflow. 

Backflow happens when you shut the water off and there is pressure in the hose. For example, If you have a spray handle on the hose and turn the water off it keeps pressure inside. The Arrowhead Brass 59ABP Vacuum Breaker stops the water from going back into the faucet by shooting it out of the holes in the breaker. 

  • Genuine Arrowhead part
  • Fits the Arrow Breaker faucet
  • Male threads for hose connection
  • Female threads to connect to faucet
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