ABP Arrowhead Vacuum Breaker 1019-A 486 BFP

Arrowhead Brass

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ABP Vacuum Breaker 1019-A 486 BFP PAT. NO. 5228471 this vacuum breaker is very odd the threads that attach it to the faucet are a fine thread not hose thread which means you must have this piece attached to the faucet in order to hook a hose to it. Sometimes when removing this vacuum breaker it will come apart in the middle you must remove all of the Arrowhead vacuum breaker from your faucet to install a complete new unit. It is normal for water to come out of the holes in the front of the vacuum breaker when you have a hose and nozzle attached with pressure on the line when you turn the water off. The new style has gotten rid of the set screw and the milky washer in the body of the unit.