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ABP Arrowhead Vacuum Breaker 1019-A 486 BFP

ABP Arrowhead Vacuum Breaker 1019-A 486 BFP

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The ABP Arrowhead Vacuum Breaker 1019-A 486 BFP. This vacuum breaker is very odd. The threads that attach it to the faucet are a fine thread not hose thread. Which means you must have this piece attached to the faucet in order to hook a hose to it. Sometimes when removing this vacuum breaker it will come apart in the middle. Therefore, you must remove the other part.

Water will comes out of the holes on the bottom of this breaker when installed. Because of the water pressure. Water pressure when closed will release pressure so it can not backflow. The middle of this breaker is threaded. Therefore when taking it off it might come off in to pieces. However both sides need to come off of the faucet. If not, The new one will be to big.

The Arrowhead Vacuum Breaker 1019-A 486 BFP is metal. The set screw is also metal. Therefore, it is strong and reliable. This breaker is a backflow preventer. Meaning it will not allow water to go back into the faucet. The piece inside of this breaker is rubber. Therefore it acts as a seal. 

  • Genuine Arrowhead
  • Comes complete
  • Set screw included
  • Metal
  • Replaces old style
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