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ABP Arrowhead Air Vent Assembly PK1430

ABP Arrowhead Air Vent Assembly PK1430

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ABP Arrowhead Air Vent Assembly PK1430. The older model was metal. This Arrowhead vacuum breaker fits all Arrowhead frost proof faucets with a vacuum breaker on top. So It allows air to enter the system and it prevents any chance of water being siphoned back into the plumbing system. ASSE 1019-A Anti-Siphon refers to an inspection code describing the use and or ability of the breaker.

PK1430 is replaceable with the Icebreaker PK-ICE that resist freezing and these vacuum breakers are required by municipal agencies. When there is suction on the water line or a water main break or a pump pulling the water. The poppet drops and allows the system to draw air. Instead of pulling water from the hose or bucket the hose is in.

Because ABP Arrowhead Air Vent Assembly PK1430 is the original equipment from the manufacturer. Perfect fit every time but When the cap goes bad it will leak when the water is on, and because the seal is bad.

Replaced by unscrewing the cap and the threaded cap removing the cap and poppet after that, then reassemble in the reverse order. Always use an original pk1430 because parts claiming to be universal or parts for other brands will not work properly. 

This Kit or package contains:

  • Cap
  • Poppet or small inner piece
  • Poppet seal
  • Threaded cap
  • Cap o-ring or seal
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