Why Does My Mansfield 160 Tank Ghost Flush

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     Ghost flushing is when a toilet seems to run randomly. This is usually caused by water leaking either onto the floor, or into the bowl. When water leaks out of the tank, it causes the fill valve to turn on and fill the tank back up. If water is on the floor you would need to replace the tank to bowl seal, which is 630-0204. If the water isn't leaking onto the floor and is leaking into the bowl, it would be either the flapper or the flush valve seal. If your Mansfield 160 has a two inch flapper then the replacement is the 630-0173 flapper. If you have a tower style flush valve, the replacement part you need is the 630-0030 flush valve seal. And if your tank has a 3 inch flapper, the correct replacement part for you is a Mansfield 630-0207 3 inch flapper.