Arrowhead Brass 490V Series Faucet Spraying Out Of Holes In The Vacuum Breaker

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     If your faucet is spraying water out of the holes in the vacuum breaker when you first shut it off, this is normal. The faucet does this to get the water left in the faucet out. If you have a sprayer hooked up but not turned on the water will spray out of the vacuum breaker to prevent damage to the faucet. 

     Also, the seals could be bad in the breaker if the faucet does this fairly often. If the faucet is not under pressure and continues leaking from the holes the seals are the cause of it. Replacing the breaker is fairly simple also, Using a pair of pliers you simply remove the breaker. Once removed, make sure the complete breaker came off. Sometimes the breaker will come apart in the middle and leave the collar on the faucet, meaning the new breaker will not screw on.