Arrowhead Brass 480 Series Sprays Water From Vacuum Breaker Troubleshooting

     If your faucet is spraying water from the holes in the breaker that means that it is either under pressure, or the seals in the breaker are bad. The PK1390 (1019-A 486 BFP) will spray water out of the holes if under pressure. This means if you have a sprayer hooked to the end of the hose in the off position while the water is on water will spray out of the holes.

     If the water comes out of the holes, and no pressure is on the breaker that would mean that the seals in the breaker are bad. Arrowhead Brass does not offer any parts for the breaker, but they do have the complete breaker part number PK1390 (1019-A 486 BFP).

     If the breaker has never been replaced this job will require a pipe wrench, or a pair of good adjustable pliers. If you just grab the old breaker and take it off you will leave the collar of the old breaker on the faucet. See picture below to see what the collar looks like when it is still on the faucet. The collar will have to come off. Arrowhead brass uses sealant on the threads which makes it very hard to get off. The pipe wrench, or adjustable pliers should work for the removal of the old collar.

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PK1390 Collar