Arrowhead Brass 420 Series Vacuum Breaker Repair

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     If your faucet is leaking from the green cap, that means the seals inside the vacuum breaker have gone bad. You would need the Arrowhead Brass PK1430 kit which contains all the parts needed to make this repair. The PK1430 comes with the green cap, white housing, plunger, and O-ring. To do this repair you will need a pair of pliers. Adjustable pliers work the best. First you will pop off the green cap. Once that is off, you will then unthread the white housing from the body of the faucet. Now that the housing is out you will remove the plunger. To install the PK1430 kit you will place the plunger teeth down toward the ground, or floor. Then you will thread the housing into the faucet. Once the housing is tight the green cap will pop on. That is it!