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I am looking for parts rebuilt kit or freezeproof faucet with part number or model Woodford 1207. I have 2 installed on my house but I'm looking to repair 1 only or to replace with same model.

 Woodford does not make a model1207. Take a look at our woodford guide and try to identify which facuet you have.



How can I tell if i have a Woodford Y34 or a Woodford Y1?

  The riser pipe on the Y34 is 1 5/16" outside diameter, and the Y1 is 1 5/8" outside diameter.

 I just installed a new stem and used new washers and rubber gaskets but the faucet won’t shut off entirely. No water is coming from the handle though.

Where it has been leaking for so long, the seat has eroded. You will have to replace the whole faucet.



My daughter recently constructed a house on an acreage outside of Calgary. We could not fine a supplier for Woodford products in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Do you ship the following item to Canada?  Woodford RK-14/17MH Handle & Screw.

This link below will take you to our sister site. It does the Canada shipping.

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