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PRIER has been manufacturing plumbing and industry products for over 130 Years! Founded in 1881 as a brass foundry by a German emigrant named Anton PRIER in Kansas City, Kansas, the company began by manufacturing cast brass items, including coach lanterns, plaques and other specialty items applicable for life, at the end of the 19th Century. Brass, being a nonferrous metal, lends itself nicely to water applications and soon, PRIER began pouring various plumbing products. After inventing and patenting one ofthe first self-closing faucets, PRIER began to increase their offering and grow their sales to the plumbing industry. As time progressed, PRIER maintained a prestigious reputation for heavy pattern, high quality products that continue to this day. Every day, PRIER draws on their strengths in heavy patterned brass and grows product selection in residential hydrants, commercial hydrants and plumbing products. In 2007, PRIER acquired the Brass Division of Mansfield Plumbing Products, their tried and true product,allowing PRIER to expand their series of residential and commercial plumbing products. This then instituted PRIER's unique "good, better and best" selection of wall hydrants. These additions have been incorporated into PRIER's state of the art manufacturing facility in Kansas City. This acquisition of additional product assisted in PRIER's growth across many areas of the country while bringing the popular Mansfield style products to the market, backed by PRIER's exceptional service record. PRIER hasmade great efforts in developing unique, cutting edge products based on feedback from engineers, contractors, distributors and end users such as homeowners. PRIER's products have multiple advantages for each person within the supply chain. Sound principles, quality products and careful workmanship are three aspects that have held true throughout the life of the company and have enabled PRIER to grow steadily from 1881 to this day.

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