Arrowhead Brass Icebreaker 600 Series Leaking From Behind The Wall

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If the faucet is leaking water from behind the wall, that means the faucet has probably froze due to freezing temperatures. When the water inside the faucet freezes it expands causing the pipe to split. This being the case the faucet must be replaced.

In order to replace you faucet you must know how the faucet connects. Not only do you need to know how the faucet connects, but also the size of the connection. The other thing needed to get you the correct faucet replacement is the length. You can find the faucet length by removing the stem and measuring it from end to end. After that add four inches, adding four inches adds the thickness of the wall giving the overall length of the faucet. 

See below for help with the stem length
600 series stem help

See below for help finding the correct connection type
connection type for 600 series faucet