Arrowhead Brass 490 Horizontal Faucet Leaking From The Weep Hole

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    The 490 horizontal faucet is not designed to be under pressure for any more than 12 hours. When the faucet has something attached to the spout that will cause water pressure, such as a sprinkler system, or a spray hose attachment. It will cause the water to drip out of the weep hole. The leak should be a slow drip, and not a spray. If the faucet is spraying water from the weep hole you would have to replace the stem. In order to identify which stem it is you will need you will need to get a total measurement of the stem from end to end. Keep in mind that the last number of the part number for the stems does not represent the total length. It references the wall thickness. For example the PK9006 is a 9.25 inch overall length stem, and it is for a 6 inch thick wall. 

See below for help finding the correct stem
help finding the correct stem