Arrowhead Brass 420 Series Faucet Leaking From The spout

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    If the faucet is leaking from the spout it is most likely due to the spring less check assembly. The check assembly is located on the end of the stem opposite of where the handle attaches. If the check assembly is worn it will allow the water to leak from the spout. The Arrowhead Brass PK2016 spring less check assembly should fix the issue. If your stem is spring loaded, you would have to replace the complete stem.      

     Arrowhead Brass offers two versions of the stem. The SP version is for faucets put in before 1999. Another way to tell if you have the SP version is if the stem is spring loaded on the end. If it is, then you would have the SP version. In order to get the correct stem you would need to know the total length of the stem. For the total length you will need to measure from where the handle attaches to the opposite end. You will also need to make sure that the check assembly, located on the end of the stem is pushed into the stem when measuring it. The last digit on the part number for the stems represent wall thickness, not total length. You will need to add 4 to the last digit of the part number for total length. For example the PK2006 stem assembly is for a wall thickness of 6 inches, and the total length is 10 inches. If you are not sure, and the stem is 14" or below, you can use the stem kit SL14-AS. This kit will come with Instructions, tools, and a template. Also on the back of the pack is a list of instructions.

See below for help finding the correct stem for your faucet
how to find correct stem for 420 faucet