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Prier C-144KT-806 Vacuum Breaker Kit

Prier C-144KT-806 Vacuum Breaker Kit

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The Prier C-144KT-806 Vacuum Breaker Kit comes complete. The kit comes with a chrome cap, the breaker itself, and the pop it. The pack shows tools you need. Therefore to remove the old breaker you will need pliers. Also a screw driver can be used. There is also a list of instructions on the back. It shows how to remove and replace the vacuum breaker.

The cap of this vacuum breaker is aluminum. The body of the vacuum breaker is plastic. The pop it comes with this breaker and is installed. Also, the cap to this breaker is chrome. Also, the pop it inside the breaker is red. This breaker is for the C-144 wall hydrant. It will replace the old breaker. And stop the water from going back into the faucet. 

  • Prier Genuine parts
  • Chrome Cap
  • vacuum breaker
  • Pop it

In conclusion, the Prier C-144KT-806 Vacuum Breaker Kit is complete. Also the job of the vacuum breaker is to stop back siphonage. This means the faucet will not suck water back into the faucet. If the breaker is leaking then it needs to be replaced. This breaker is a genuine part. Also, Prier shows how to fix this breaker. The instructions are on the back.

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