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Prier C-134KT-802 Seat Washer Replacement Kit

Prier C-134KT-802 Seat Washer Replacement Kit

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The Prier C-134KT-802 Seat Washer Replacement Kit. This kit comes complete with the screw and seat washer. If you use to thick or thin of a seal it would mess up the water flow. It can also lead to leaks. And if the seal is tightened down the right way you should have good water pressure and no leaks. 

The seat washer itself when removed from the faucet should be smooshed. If the washer has cuts on it, then it is an issue with the seat. If you let the faucet drip to much the metal seat will have a hole in it. Therefore it will cut the washer. This is due to the amount of water pressure. 

The Screw that comes in the Prier C-134KT-802 Seat Washer Replacement Kit is to hold the seat washer into the faucet. Therefore the washer would not be able to move. This is a genuine Prier replacement part. Also this kit works on the C-134 and C-144. Another faucet is the C108 faucet. 

  • Prier Genuine Kit
  • Seat washer
  • Screw
  • For Prier Faucets

In conclusion, this kit will replace the seat washer and screw in your Prier faucet. Also this is the exact size of seat washer your Prier faucet needs to run correctly. 

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