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Prier C-108KT-808 Operating Key on Lanyard

Prier C-108KT-808 Operating Key on Lanyard

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The Prier C-108KT-808 Operating Key comes complete with a lanyard. This operating key is a genuine Prier part. Also the key is metal, along with the lanyard. The purpose of the operating key is so other people can not steal your water. To use the faucet this key must be removed. In the pictures one side of the key on the inside is flat. Therefore it acts as a lock.

The Lanyard that comes with this operating key is metal. You can also unscrew the lanyard on the end that is closest to the key itself. To unscrew the lanyard you just twist the small metal screw. Although the lanyard is flexible it is very strong. This key works with Mansfield hydrants as well. The reason is because years ago Prier bought out Mansfield's brass. 

This Prier C-108KT-808 Operating Key works on a few different Prier faucets. This key works on the C108 hot and cold hydrant. It is used on the C-134 and C-144 hydrants. Also the C138 hose bib. Then it acts as a lock and prevents people from turning on the water without pliers or vise grips to get it off. 

  • Metal Key
  • Metal Lanyard
  • Used to lock hydrants
  • Easy to install
  • Genuine Prier
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