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Prier 240 Yard Hydrant Overhaul Kit

Prier 240 Yard Hydrant Overhaul Kit

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The Prier 240 Yard Hydrant Overhaul Kit. This kit comes complete with all of the parts to rebuild your C240 hydrant. This kit contains two nuts and the pivot connector. Which are made of metal. It also contains the brass plunger which is female thread. And the Packing and packing nut. Two draw straps are also in the Prier yard hydrant kit.  

The Plunger in the 240 kit is brass. It also has female threads inside. The top of the plunger is rubber. The job of the plunger in the kit is to go at the end of the operating rod. Which is what moves up and down when the handle is lifted. The plunger then lets water run through the 240 hydrant head. 

The pivot connector and two nuts are adjustable in the Prier 240 Yard Hydrant Overhaul Kit. Therefore you can adjust the height of the operating rod. The packing goes under the brass packing nut. And creates a seal to prevent leaks. However Prier took over Mansfield's brass division which is why the C240 head is Prier. 

  • Prier Genuine Parts
  • 2 draw straps
  • 2 nuts
  • Pivot connector
  • packing
  • packing nut 

In conclusion, the Prier 240 hydrant repair kit comes complete. Also it repair the yard hydrant. All of the parts in this kit replace the old parts inside of the C240 Hydrant head.

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