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Mansfield Beige Conversion Kit 630-8000

Mansfield Beige Conversion Kit 630-8000

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Mansfield Beige Conversion Kit 630-8000 Converts 300, 400, And 500 Series Faucets to Beige Color. This kit comes complete. The Face plate, and handle are beige. However the screw is steel. Therefore it would be harder to strip or break. The face plate does not come with the screws. The handle is plastic. Therefore it will not rust. This leads to longer life and reliability. 

Mansfield sold their brass division to Prier which is why the kit is named Prier. When getting Mansfield faucet parts it will say Mansfield by Prier. The 630-8000 kit even has, written on the face plate, remove hose during the winter. This is so the hose does not freeze. Therefore causing damage to the faucet. Also the Handle has a shape that fits the hand comfortably. 

  • Mansfield by Prier
  • Beige handle
  • Steel screw
  • Plastic Handle

In conclusion, The Mansfield by Prier Mansfield Beige Conversion Kit 630-8000 comes complete. It comes with the screw which is normal thread. Also the face plate and handle are plastic. Therefore, they will not rust. They will last longer and not have issues. This handle also fits the 300, 400, and 500 faucets. All three of those faucets are Mansfield faucets.

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