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Arrowhead Brass PK1390V Vacuum Breaker

Arrowhead Brass PK1390V Vacuum Breaker

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Genuine Arrowhead Brass PK1390V Vacuum breaker for the 490V Vertical hot and cold faucet. This will only fit the vertical faucet. This breaker has male threads for both sides. The side that connects to the faucet, and the hose. Therefore it will only work with the vertical hot and cold faucet. 

The holes in the bottom of this vacuum breaker will blow water out. However this is normal and useful. It does this to prevent backflow. Which is pressure build up from having the water on. Backflow can do damage to the faucet. Therefore this breaker gets rid of the backflow and blows the water out. Which releases pressure. 

  • Back-flow prevention that protects your household water supply from contaminated water
  • Allows faucet to automatically drain upon shutoff to prevent freezing
  • Used for repair of two handle vertical wall hydrants with factory-installed back-flow preventer

In conclusion this breaker is complete. It is also a genuine Arrowhead vacuum breaker. The Arrowhead Brass PK1390V Vacuum Breaker prevents backflow. Therefore it is safe for the faucet. Also this only fits the vertical hot and cold 490V faucet. Therefore it will not work on any other faucets. This breaker is strong and has Male threads on both ends. 

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