Arrowhead Brass 460 Series Leaking From The Spout

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     If the faucet is leaking from the spout it is most likely the springless check assembly. The check assembly is the rubber, almost funnel shaped piece on the end of the stem. If the assembly is worn it will allow the water to leak from the spout. This problem can be fixed with the Arrowhead Brass PK6026 spring less check assembly.

     If you have replaced the PK6026 and still have a leak out of the spout that would be a sign that the metal seat that the PK6026 sits against could be bad. If the seat of the faucet is bad, the faucet will have to be replaced.

     In order to replace the faucet, you would need to know two things. First would be the wall thickness. This is the measurement from the front of the wall to where the faucet would connect to the plumbing. If you know the stem part number you would use the last 1 to 2 digits for the wall thickness. For example, if you had stem PK6010 you would have a 10" wall Thickness, or if you had stem PK6008 you would have a 8" wall thickness. If you do not know the stem part number you would need to measure the stem from end to end with the check assembly pressed all the way in. If the stem measures 10" then you would subtract 4" from it. So your wall thickness would be 6".

     Next, you will need to know how it connects to the plumbing. There are several connection types for the 460 series faucets. You can see all the connection types that are offers on the chart below.

See below for help finding the correct stem
See below for help finding the correct stem

We would also need the type of connection to replace the faucet
See below for help finding the correct stem