Arrowhead Brass 460 Series Leaking Around The Center Stem

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      If the faucet is leaking from around the center stem of the faucet it is most likely due to the packing on the stem. If the packing on the stem is worn it will allow the water to leak from around the center stem. This issue can be fixed by replacing the stem.

     To identify the correct stem that you need, you will need a measurement of the complete stem. The total length will be from where the handle attaches to the opposite end with the check assembly pushed in. The stems are made in two inch increments. The last digit in the part number for the stems represent wall thickness, not length. To identify the correct stem you need you would add 4 to the last digit of the part number. For example the PK6004 stem assembly will be for a 4" wall thickness, and would measure 8" overall.

     If you are unsure of the total length of the stem, you can use the Arrowhead Brass offers the SL14-AS stem kit. This kit can range from a minimum of 4 inches to a maximum of 14 inches long. The kit will come complete with a list of instructions, template, and the tool used to cut the stem to the length you need.

See below for help finding the correct stemSee below for help finding the correct stem