Arrowhead Brass 420 Series Faucet Is Leaking From The Weep Hole

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     The weep hole is the small hole located behind the handle. The 420 series faucet is not designed to be under pressure for more than 12 hours. If there is anything attached to the faucet that creates water pressure it will cause the water to leak from the weep hole. The leak should just be a slow drip, and not a spray. For example a garden hose with a spray head attachment, or a sprinkler system can cause this issue. If the water is spraying out of the weep hole, and it is a springless stem the issue can be resolved by the Arrowhead Brass PK2016 springless check assembly. The check assembly is the rubber piece located on the end of the stem opposite from the handle.

     If the faucet is older than 1999 the stem will be spring loaded, and you would need to replace the complete stem. To identify the correct stem you would need to measure the complete stem from tip to tip. If you are unsure on the exact measurement we would highly recommend using the Arrowhead Brass SL14-AS stem kit. With The kit will come with the complete stem assembly and a tool to cut the stem to the exact length you need. 

See below for help finding the correct stem for your faucet
Stems available for the 420 Series faucet